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Top 10 Reasons to Rent a Car

If you think only high profile businessmen rent cars, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Car rental is no longer the luxury business expense it used to be. Many people can rent cars at an affordable price, which makes them more available than ever for uses other than business meetings.

If you've never considered renting a car, you should. We've listed the top ten reasons to hire a rental car, whether you aim for convenience or practicality.

1. Your Car Is in the Shop

Whether your car needs repairs after an accident or you're due for an annual tune-up, you need a vehicle to drive while you wait.

Many insurance companies include a stipend for a rental car after an accident, so you can use that fund to pay for a rental car while you wait for your car to out of the shop.

2. You Don't Have a Car

If you don't have a car and you don't want to spend your entire paycheck on public transportation, a rental care can be the best economical choice. If you need steady transportation, you should invest in a vehicle of your own. But if you know you have a busy week ahead or a specific errand to do, a rental car can save you time and money.

3. Your Car Can't Endure a Long Trip

When you plan a cross-country road trip, you need to know your car can last the whole journey. If your car is on its last leg or your mechanic advises against driving long distances, don't risk a long drive.

4. You Want to Maintain Your Car's Resale Value

One of the most important elements of resale is the number of miles on your car's odometer. You may also choose to leave your own car at home to preserve the low mileage (and higher resale value). Also, long trips can cause additional wear and tear to your car that around-the-town trips don't. Keep your car in tip-top shape and rent a car for long drives.

5. You Own a Gas Guzzler

If the price you pay at the pump brings tears to your eyes, don't bring that car along with you on a long trip. Leave your SUVs and heavy-duty trucks at home and rent a more fuel-efficient vehicle to keep your travel expenses low.

6. Your Car Doesn't Accommodate a Crowd

If you already have a fuel-efficient compact car and you plan to travel in a large group, it's worth your while to upgrade. Hire a minivan, SUV, or 15-passenger van to keep track of everyone in your group while you go on an outing. A larger vehicle also leaves plenty of space for luggage, knickknacks, and anything else you bring on a long trip. You may even want to rent a car for short trips like taking your child and a group of friends to the movies.

7. You Need a Vehicle after a Flight

When you travel by plane for vacation or business, you need some way of getting around once you arrive. You can use public transportation or an airplane shuttle to get into town. But if you don't have your own vehicle to get around, you leave yourself at the mercy of friends and acquaintances to travel freely. If you prize your independence, or you have small children in tow, consider renting a car to get around your new city.

8. You Need to Move Heavy Objects

When you start a major move, most people hire a moving truck right away. But what about smaller moves? You could ask a friend to borrow a truck, but then you'll have to repay the favour someday. You could also buy a truck, but then you become the friend everyone asks when they need to move. Have the best of both worlds by renting a truck when you need to move something heavy. You get the job done, and you don't enter into any obligations.

9. You've been in an Automobile Accident

Nothing is more stressful than having an accident resulting in you being unable to drive your car. Rest assured that a rental can accommodate you while you wait for your car to be repaired.

10. You Have to Attend a Special Event

While we understand the appeal of renting a limo for a fancy event or to impress someone, sometimes a rented car is the more economical choice. Rental companies have luxury cars that fit the bill and cost far less than a limo. You can use a rental car for a variety of events, like a high school reunion, wedding, high school prom, or even a first date.

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